After several weeks of settling in and unpacking into our new home, August has finally arrived. We have really been looking forward to it because August = vacation!!!! It is incredible to me how everyone living in Europe literally travels for most of the month. Most stores and restaurants hang a sign on the door “Fermé jusqu’à août pour congés” (closed thru August for leave/vacation).

shop across from our apartment-Why make money when you can go on vacation?

Some even empty out all their merchandise from the store before they close up shop for the month. Most non-essential business (including Michelin- yay!!) close for at least 3 weeks and everyone takes time off from work. Even newbies in the office like Chuck get a few weeks off. It’s awesome! But crazy. No one checks work email. No one “stops by” the office, because the office is closed. For real closed.
Booking any type of Hotel/air b&b or travel such as trains/planes becomes tricky and pricey because trips are often planned months in advance. It seems like the whole continent literally packs up and hits the trail. I love how travel is just part of who most Europeans are, it seems. They value time away from work and with family more than many other things, such as lost revenue.
Lucky for us, we had very low expectations regarding our August trip. Chuck and I had been so busy over the last several weeks that we hadn’t been able to find time to sit down together and plan a trip. And with no wi-fi, we couldn’t use our computer to really dig in and surf the web at night and look around….so, we were super late to the game planning our time away but luckily Chuck was able to find some great places to stay on Air B&B, line up some train tickets and we were on our way.  Our first 12 day vacation in each of our lives.

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